Our Services

Our in House Training Program are 100% customized and developed with your organizational objectives as its core guideline. It is a complete learning solution delivered at your location, at your preferred time,  GPA In House Training Program are the most cost effective and efficient way to train your team.  Our success is delivering In House Training Program is attributed to our ability to work closely with organization.
We excel in understand your goal and specific requirement then we plan and formulate a training solution that meets the objectives

Why Choose an In House Training Program?

– Cost Effective , No Travel, Lodging and Location Expenses
– 100% Customized; Tailored to fit your learning objectives
– Team Building; Synergistic effect of being training Together
– Convenience; Suit your schedule and plan it ahead.

So far we have served more than 50 companies that need services in this area. The number of participants is ideal is 40 people. Restriction on the number of audience is to ensure the effectiveness of the program. with the limited number of audience, interaction in the classroom can be run the maximum. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss and do exercises to developed their skills. The Duration for this programs vary according to the need of each company.  Most companies allocate 2 days for this programs. However there are also companies that ask us organize this programs for q day or 3 days depending on the number of issues that will be explored as well as the intensity of skills who want to master.

Synergy Session is a product that can help the company to create greater synergy in one units.
To achieve the great performance; every company needs to ensure that every person and work units within the company can work together optimally
Synergy is the most important thing that must continue to be pursued to achieve success.

But In Reality create synergies not easy. Interaction and communication every day often elicits differences. friction and conflicts which even more complicates the process of synergies. This conditions is certainly not healthy and hinder the achievement of goals and objectives of the company.

For The Reason we have put synergy session to help the company to create greater synergy in one units.  In Synergy Session, we can documented our conflict, managed and bridged. Thus creating a better mutual understanding between units of work within the organization.
In Contrast to team building are often held outdoor, Synergy Session is indoor activities aimed at improving emotional bounding and mutual understanding among participants.

Duration ranging between 1 – 2 days depending on the complication of the issues discussed and emotional atmosphere of the participants involved

One of the key activities of Synergy Session is formulate the commitment and the Action Plan of the respective work units and individual concerned. Synergy Session thus nor merely as a discourse but actual produce concrete decisions.

Product Consulting aims to assist organizations in designing everything associated with system development in HRD in the company.

Competence is not related to technical competencies (hard skills) but competence related soft skills such as leadership, managerial skills, cooperation within the group, communication and customer service.
Assessment is designed  according to the needs and challenges faces by everyone in their work.
Currently we are using tools “Photo Character” that will help any professional in understanding who he is and others.

A session that aims to provide inspiration and motivation the participants

Motivational Session given by Rudy Langitan or GPA Facilitator. (Duration : 2  to 4 hours depending on the needs of each company). In Contrast to In House Program attended by only limited number of participants.  Motivational Session can be attended by as many people in the company so that the investment per-person be quite economical.
With Motivational Session is expected to create a spirit and a new inspiration to work and to contribute. Motivational Session will also help you and team to open up horizons of thought with the new paradigm regarding a topic discussed.
Since GPA established in 2014, we have conducted more than 50 Motivational Session involving thousands of professionals in various companies and industries.

The golas of all programs of Human Resources Development is a Performance Improvement
A new programs could be considered succesfull if it results in a change program and improved performance in the company.
Therefore organizations need adequate measurement for assessing the quality of a program is being run.
This programs will help organizations gain maximum benefit and impact of a program or intervention of HRD. Forms of this product will always adjust to the needs of the client to create certain changes in organizations such as Creating Effective Leadership, Effective Team Communication; Cultural Coaching Empowering; internal competition is healthy, creates creativity and innovation.

This Programs is commonly used client after the client using the In House Program, Motivational Program. It is necessary to ensure that these programs really make a n impact and contribute significanly to the company performance

Team Building is an outdoor activity by the company to improve collaboration, communication and synergy between the employee and the Leader of company.

Contrast with The Synergy Session, in Team Building; the problem to be solved relatively lighter; less compicated and not so involve emotional situations.

Implementation Team buiding is aiming to create cohesion in the work team to conduct a variety of activities. Usually used approach with the happy games, lighter and joy

In contrast to In House Program or Motivational Program. Public program is a program which was attended  by participant from various companies.

By Following this program participant will get benefit by learning from different companies and different industries and different cultures .
This programs also create opportunities for participants to increase knowledge and create networking among fellow professionals.
Sometimes want to do In House Program but the number of people in company who will attend the program too small (less than 20 people).  In This Situation the Public Program could be the good solution.

Executive Coaching is designed to help improve your professional and personal development for the growth of individual as well as improving performance and job satisfaction.

This Programs will help the client to find himself by asking powerful questions and provide the necessary assignments for profesional self-development is concerned

To Achieve maximum results, a coac will learn about the challenges faced by his client so that he can adjust his approach to the needa of its clients
A coach working with clients to achieve certain professional goals such as career development, upgrading of professional and interpersonal communication, performance management , increased ability to think strategically, develop executuve skills, managing conflict and political situation it the company and build an effective team

This Program will help the company in engagement with their customers. through this programs the client can provide education and socialization of new product and new services to their customers.
GPA will provide a public speaker/financial planner/tax planner/wealth planner/consultant to increase the knowledge of their customers, especially in fields of human development, insurance products , investment products, banking, financial literacy and life style