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A Personal Mentor and Master Coach - Chief Happiness Officer

He is Founder and Managing Director of Great People Academy (GPA) (2014 – present). He is a ex-National Head at Prudential Life Assurance PT, who has been managing Prudential’s Bancaasurance Business with Permata Bank (2012 – 2014), Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Qatar National Bank  (2014 – 2016)

He is the Author of the Best-Selling “SECOND MILE”The Attitude of Extra-Ordinary Life (2011) and tailoring the inspiring book “Be A Great Fighter” (2012) – which has been encouraging thousands of people to continue to fight for their great dreams. Rudy is a “Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)” (Writer, Trainer and Speaker) with extensive reputation as a great motivator, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, experienced speaker of bancaasurance and investment market, coach of leadership and selling skills, Master Trainer of Happiness at Work.

He is frequently invited to become a national level key-note speaker in the workshop, training and talk show event by various clients from the industry of Service & Hospitality, Retail, Consumer, Property/Real Estate,  Banking & Insurance, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, etc.

He has been speaking in front of thousand of people from various companies and organizations for workshop and in-house training in more the scoop of nation-wide with a dynamic and humorous style (Fun/Happy Style), Full of Passion and inspiring personality, he has manage to motivated people to breakthrough & achieve-success.

He is graduate of Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) (1994), graduated of Mini MBA program @Prasetya Mulia and Prudential (2015)  Lecturer at STIE Kusuma Negara (1999 – 2003), Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Certified Behavior Consultant (CBC) (2016).  He is experiented to be a sub Branch Manager at LippoBank (1999 – 2004), Branch Manager at BNP (2004 – 2006) and National Sales Head of AIA-Financial (2007 -2012) managing Bancasurance Business with ABN-AMRO/RBS/ANZ/BCA


Contact Details : Mobile +628129412290 / +6281294460294/+622518382789

Facebook:RudyLangitan,  Twitter: RudyLangitan

Linkedin : RudyLangitan   Instagram: @langitanrudy

Email : rudy.langitan@gmail.com, Blog : secondmiles.com

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Our Paradigma

The severe globalization, which generates numerous changes and demands of organization’s ability to adapt to the changes, organizations are forced to increase the capability of its human resources responsible for running the organization. The increasing toughness of business competition give the challenges to the organizations to have an established readiness on people development and human resources management. The absence of that most of the times is the main factor of a set-back or even destruction of an organization.

To help the organization on coping with the challenges, GPA was established in 2010 with the purpose of assisting organizations improved and maintain its people development through training education and development consultancy in the area of soft skill, leadership, financial planning, selling strategy, self enhancement, and life management

The term of Life Management is defined as how we manage our life more effectively. Here, the problems discussed are those of our daily life as a both personal and professional people, addressing the issue on Time Management, Balance Life, Stress Management, Happiness Concept, the other name of how to make your dreams come true.

“It’s not about how good you are, it’s all about how great you want to be”.  Your academic GPA was produced from the academic schools you went to, but in here you will get your self improved on the GPA of Life.


It’s not about how good you are, it’s all about how great you want to be. Your academic GPA was produced from the academic schools you went to, but in here you will get your self improved on the GPA of Life.