An Overview

GPA is a Professional Service Firm focused on
Leadership Development, Interpersonal Skills, Sales Strategy, Financial Planning, Self Enchancement, And Life Management

Our Company


GPA is the school of leadership, sales, soft skills development, financial planning, self enhancement & life management (Happiness Center).

We are the synthesis of remarkable and extensive level of practical experiences.

As a consultancy firm that aims to assist many companies and individuals to be successful in their respective fields, we are providing services of Training, Education & Development on Leadership, People Development, Interpersonal Skills, Sales, Financial Planning & Productive Group-Selling Events, with the custom formulation for perfection to address you challenges, context of needs and objectives.

Your academic GPA was produced from the academic schools you went to, but in here you will get your self improved on the GPA of Life.

The founder, Rudy Langitan is a master trainer, national motivator, grand-coach, expert and specialist of happiness drill, self enhancement, and a sales practitioner and inspiratory

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Our Vision

Becoming The Best Consulting Company on Training Education and Development Services with the specialty on Leadership, Financial Planning (Bancaasurance), Self Enhancement & Life Management Assistance.

Our Mision

  • To be the pioneer on improving the life skills of our clients by synthesizing the successful concepts and proven experiences on people development, self enhancement, and life management
  • To be the main partner and inspiration entity for the companies, organizations, and individuals on improving the capacity and skills and helping them to find the new essence of enlightened life.

Our Corporate Value


About Me


Rudy Langitan

A Personal Mentor, Master Coach and Chief Happiness Officer

He is Founder and Managing Director of Great People Academy (GPA) (2014 – present). He is a ex-National Head at Prudential Life Assurance PT, who has been managing Prudential’s Bancaasurance Business with Permata Bank (2012 – 2014), Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Qatar National Bank  (2014 – 2016)

He is the Author of the Best-Selling “SECOND MILE”The Attitude of Extra-Ordinary Life (2011) and tailoring the inspiring book “Be A Great Fighter” (2012) – which has been encouraging thousands of people to continue to fight for their great dreams.

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It’s not about how good you are, it’s all about how great you want to be. Your academic GPA was produced from the academic schools you went to, but in here you will get your self improved on the GPA of Life.